"Snowy Range" is a 250 acre property in the beautiful Huon Valley, nestled at the foot of the Snowy Ranges surrounded by national park and state forest. A short 25 minute drive from Huonville and only 55 minutes from Hobart.

It has a long history in the Huon, dating back to the early 90s, one of the very first private fisheries in  Tasmania to welcome fishermen and families alike for a day out for recreational fishing up until 2003.

In 2003 the tourism side of Snowy  Range was closed down and the focus shifted to the breeding of salmon fry  for the emerging salmon industry in Tasmania, supplying  the likes of  Petuna and Huon Aquaculture  before they had their own breeding programs. Once the Tasmanian salmon industry had grown to be the behemoth it is now, the then owners Bob and Sue still supplied top class trout and salmon to the local  industry till they retired. 

Snowy Range was sold to us, Tony & Vera, in 2020 with the idea of taking Snowy Range back to its roots as a fishing destination for fishermen and families alike.
We have spent 2020 and 2021 decommissioning the fish farm and bringing the property back to its former glory.
The 6 lakes on the property are stocked with rainbows, tiger and brown trout. The property also has 3 kilometres of  river frontage with the Little Denison River which is home to a natural population of brown and rainbow trout.

Stage 1 is completed and we are happy to open up to the public for fishing once more.

In Stage 2, later this year 2021, we will be starting the next phase building 3 luxury cabins for fishermen and nature lovers alike. To come and enjoy this slice of Tasmanian paradise to fish or just enjoy the nature that the property has to offer with a diverse array of Tasmanian animals only found on the island. Devils, quolls wallabies possums and paddy melons, wombats, sea eagles and wedge-tailed eagles and a staggering number of other native birds are all here to see.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Snowy Range !